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Synchronisation of test and drill results

Drillster now includes the answers that a participant submits during a test or exam in the calculation of the drill proficiency. Correct or incorrect answers on test questions will count as if the answers were given on drill questions. This new features enhances the link between a test and a drill and increases its didactic value. 

The test score will not equal the drill score. When calculating the drill proficiency, questions (or their equivalents) have to be answered at least twice to minimize the risk of haphazardly guessing of anwers. After all, Drillster makes knowledge demonstrable, and a single correct answer does not provide enough evidence of sustainable knowledge. 

Condition to the synchronisation of test and drill results is that the drill and the test have to be part of the same group that the participant is also linked to. Adaptive tests and tests that are defined on drills that are not part of the user's repertoire, are excluded from this new functionality. 

Building up your drill proficiency while answering test questions enhances the didactic value of Drillster. The answering of test questions provide insight in knowledge and knowledge gaps and also generates a learning effect. This is now also reflected in the drill proficiency. 

The drilll proficiency that is built up after having answered test questions, will decline if the user does not maintain the knowledge. The same algorithm applies as when directly working in a drill. 

The synchronisation functionality between tests and drills has become available after the 15th of november 2016. Answers that have been given on test questions before this date do not count for the drill proficiency.


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