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Evaluation learning objectives

Learning objectives will be evaluated after the set review date. Drillster will show if the learning goals are achieved (or not), both for the permanent and one-off learning objectives.

  • The results of the one-off learing objectives will be permanent (achieved, or not achieved).
  • The results of a permanent learning objective can change. If the results of an individual participant are falling back under the set minimum proficiency, the evaluation will change from achieved to not achieved.

A report of the evaluation of the learning objective can be obtained:

  • On screen: If you click the 'objective' tab in your group, Drillster will show an overview if objectives of a participant are achieved (green) or not (red).
  • Download: You can also choose to download a group report with results of the participants. In this report you will find a column about achieving the learning objectives.  
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