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One-off learning objectives

A one-off learning objective ensures that participants of a group to master a preset level of knowledge before the set review date.




One-off learning objectives can be set in the overview screen of a group:

  • Go to the overview screen of your group.
  • Select one or more drills, using the check boxes.
  • Click the drop down menu 'Actions' () and select 'define learning objective'
  • Select 'one-off' at the learning objective type.
  • Fill out the form:

Details learning objectives

    • Minimum proficiency: This can be 100% or less. If a drill contains a lot of questions you can set intermediate learning objectives. e.g. You can choose to add 25% to the proficiency score every week. Starting in week one, the minimum proficiency is preset on 25%, in week two 50%, etc.
    • Decreasing minimum: This is the acceptable level to which the once achieved minimum proficiency score may drop to. e.g. If the minimum proficiency score is preset on 100%, the decreasing minimum can be set on 80 or 75%.
    • If the proficiency level of an individual participant drops under the decreasing minimum, Drillster will report that the learning objective has not been achieved. If notifications are set, Drillster will notify the participant.
    • Evaluation: Fixed for (A) all group members. Use this option if all participants in the group can start the learning objective at the same.  or (B) per individual group member. Choose this option if participants join the group at different times of the year. The start of the learning objective will be related to the date at which an individual user joins the group. 
      (A) Fixed for all group members: fill in the review date, date on which the participant must have reached the preset minimum proficiency score for the first time. Note that Drillster checks if the participant reaches the desired minimum proficiency before the preset date.
      Fill in the study start date, date on which Drillster begin checking the proficiency score to see if a notification must be sent.
      (B) Per individual group member: Fill in the Time to proficiency. This is the time that the learner gets to realize the minimum proficiency. Each member that joins the group gets for example 30 days to build up the initial knowledge (both for one-off and permanent learning objectives. When filling in the field of the Time to Proficiency, do as follows:
      - 1 months 
      - 5 months 2 weeks
      - 3 months 1 weeks 4 days
      So please do always use the plural form, even if you enter 1 months or 1 days.
    • If you do NOT use the Drillster API, please also select the 'Relative to join date" option.
    • If you do use the Drillster API, please select the 'Set through API Integration' option. 

Set notifications

    • startup email: This email will be sent to all participants in a group when a learning objective is set. By clicking the link in this email, participants will be redirected to the drills for which the objectives are set.
    • 1st reminder: If at 20% of the time till the review date, and the participants proficiency level is less than 25%, a first reminder will be sent.
    • 2nd reminder: If at 50% of the time till the review date, and the participants proficiency level is less than 50%, a second reminder will be sent.
    • 3rd reminder: If at 75% of the time till the review date, and the participants proficiency level is less than 75%, a third reminder will be sent.
    • If a participant has achieved the learning objective but its proficiency level drops under the decreasing minimum, a notification will always be sent. This notification will be sent once.
  • Click 'create' to set the learning objectives.
  • Saved learning objectives can be found, adjust and deleted via the tab 'Objectives' within the group.
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