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Drillster launches the Certified by Drillster program

Drillster launches the Certified by Drillster program for instructional designers. Participants to this program will become experts in the creation of drills that will meet and exceed your learning objectives. 

The drill has developed into the leading learning object to develop, anchor and retain knowledge. Technology enables us to learn more efficiently and to memorize longer. Even more important is the quality of the instructional design. It can make or break the success of your training program. 

Over the years, hundreds of authors have designed drills for a wide variety of organizations, training themes and target groups. The combined experience of all these instructional designers, trainers and content matter experts has enabled us to optimize the art of instructional drill design. This has now been captured in the Certified by Drillster program.

A yearly masterclass will allow participants to develop and maintain their drill design competences and to share best practices. Objective of the Certified by Drillster Masterclass is to provide instructional designers with the tools that allow them to build high quality adaptive learning exercises and to bring instruction drill design to a higher level.

After having completed the Certified by Drillster program, instructional designers will be able to:

  • design drills for both initial and recurrent training programs
  • design and implement drills for blended learning programs
  • design drills for permanent education / life-long learning programs

Participants will be made familiar with the frameworks that Drillster has developed for successful drill design:

  • the 10 drill design principles
  • the drill production framework

A yearly masterclass is part of the Certified by Drillster program. The first masterclass will be held on Thursday the 2nd of February 2017 in the Jaarbeurs Conference Center in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Interested in this masterclass? Please register now or contact us at info@drillster.com for more information. We look forward to meeting you on the 2nd of February in Utrecht.

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