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Certified by Drillster 2018

80 Instructional designers joined Certified by Drillster 2018, the yearly event that Drillster organized on the 8th of March. This year's theme was the use of drills in continuous learning programs and the case studies of Rabobank, KLM Cargo, and Alliander were the start of a lively exchange of best practices and lessons learned.


Drillster introduced the drill in 2012 and the adaptive learning objective is meanwhile used in a wide variety of industries and for a wide variety of learning themes.

How can we make sure that the content is challenging and engaging when drills are used in continuous learning programs? The customer cases and lively discussions helped to define answers to these questions.

The success of permanent education programs depends on 4 elements: content, communication, engagement, and ownership. The participants of the Certified by Drillster masterclass discussed how these four ingredients can be used to get the ideal recipe for a successful learning program.

In her keynote, Yolanda van der Jagt, responsible for the recipes of all major Dutch supermarkets, compared the drill design process to the work of a chef. When the same ingredients are applied in different ways, a chef can each day present a new dish and surprise his guests. What can we learn from other disciplines when creating learning interventions that meet and exceed the expectations of our learners?


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