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Inspiring workshop of Bob Mosher at Drillster / Xprtise event

Learning evangelist Bob Mosher inspired the audience at the event that Xprtise and Drillster organized on Thursday the 19th of April. Bob shared his expertise on workplace learning with the audience. Representatives of the Municipality of Amsterdam and the Alrijne Hospital shared their experiences with performance support and adaptive learning systems.

Access to specific information while you are working and at the moment of need, makes the learning relevant and effective. Moving away from the classroom and non-contextual e-learning and focussing on workflow learning. Alrijne Hospital explained how they implemented the AskDelphi performance support system to support their medical staff on the job. The Municipality of Amsterdam has completed a successful performance support project for their enforcement unit and the subsidy agency.

Knowledge and competences that are business critical need to be anchored and here is where Drillster’s adaptive learning technology adds value. In his presentation, Marco van Sterkenburg explained how the Drillster application personalizes the learning path of each user, leading to shorter learning times and better retention. The example of the Rabobank was used to show how knowledge and awareness are anchored in an effective and personalized way, year-round. Alrijne Hospital explained how the critical medical mathematics competence of their staff was improved and retained using the Drillster app.


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