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Nice to meet...Noud!

To learn more about the people behind the Drillster app we proudly present our colleagues to you. Last time you have gotten to know Christian, our U/X designer, a little bit better. This time Noud Cremers takes the floor. 


Who is Noud?

I’m the first point of contact if you phone or email to Drillster. I'm always busy trying to help customers get back on track the fastest and most convenient way I can. I also try to let customers learn more about how they can use all Drillster functionalities the most efficient and effective way. In my free time I love to play sports, read, cook and travel to far and exotic locations together with my girlfriend with whom I just bought our first new house. 

What is your role in the Drillster organization?  

I'm a Customer Service Specialist. Should you experience trouble in logging in or other technical issues, have drill design question or any type of other question, I'm the guy answering you call or email. And, together with my colleagues, I am constantly looking for ways to optimize the Drillster app, so it can function even better and more user friendly than it already does. 

What are the latest developments you are working on? 

Optimizing the Customer Experience when contacting Drillster. When a customer or user contacts us for support I want to help them the best I can and leave them with a positive feeling. 

What will Drillster be five years from now? 

In five years from now Drillster will have focused even more on foreign markets. And I think that in the meantime we will have welcomed a lot of new and fun colleagues in our nice Drillster office.

What's your favorite Drill and which drill would you like to see developed?  

My favorite Drill is the first Drill I ever published in the Drill Store. It's called Recognize the Cars. It's about all sorts off exclusive sports cars. 

In the future I would like to see a Drill about traffic regulations and traffic safety. I think it's a good thing that people keep up their knowledge on this subject matter. With Drillster you can always keep your know how on these rules and regulation up to date. That probably makes traffic a lot safer. 

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