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Nursing staff at Alrijne Healthcare Group improves medical math skills with adaptive learning.


Nursing staff at Alrijne Healthcare Group improves medical math skills with adaptive learning.

Alrijne Healthcare Group in The Netherlands values the importance of excellent medical math skills of their nursing staff. For this reason, Alrijne Healthcare Group selected Drillster as a tool to develop and maintain the crucial math competences of their staff.

Caroline Luijbregts, Learning & Development advisor of Alrijne Healthcare Group comments: “In our industry, we tend to distribute formal tests to assess the skills of our staff. Our nursing staff was not satisfied with these regular tests. Reference to the workflow was lacking and the moment at which the tests had to be taken did never match the schedules of the employees. Drillster’s adaptive learning solution ensure that knowledge of medical mathematics is developed and sustained in an efficient and personalized way.”

Alrijne used to offer training through an online learning platform. Each individual employee had access to learning interventions that could be started and completed whenever the user wanted. This situation no longer suits the needs of the nursing employees. Alrijne Healthcare Group decided to search for a better solution. Xprtise, a learning analysis, and strategy company supported Alrijne in this phase.

Alrijne selected a workplace solution based on the ‘5 moments of need methodology’. When learning at the moment of need, learning is more relevant and stronger. The AskDelphi performance support platform was selected to enable people to access information at the moment of need. Xprtise supported Alrijne in the design and implementation of the workplace learning solution.

Certain information is mission critical and needs to be anchored permanently. Drillster’s adaptive learning app was selected to cover the top-of-mind knowledge requirements of Alrijne.  

Medical Math was considered a relevant topic for testing an adaptive learning solution. Mathematical skills are crucial for the nursing staff. Imagine what happens if a nurse makes a mistake in calculating the amount of medication that a patient should get. Drillster offers an online and mobile learning application with a unique algorithm that drives personalized learning.

Drillster pushes medical math problems to the Alrijne nursing staff members. Depending on the answering behavior of the participants, Drillster adapts the personal learning path and puts more focus on the development areas of each individual nurse. This personalized learning approach leads to faster and more effective learning. Drillster also offers a unique capacity to calculate how and when knowledge declines if not maintained. Users can brush up on their knowledge just before important knowledge tends to decline.

The user experience of the nursing staff

In the fourth quarter of 2017, Alrijne conducted a pilot with 180 employees. Over 95% of the staff confirmed that their competences increased as a result of the AskDelphi and Drillster solution. 80% Of the participants would recommend this way of learning to their colleagues.

Alrijne considers performance support and adaptive learning as a strong combination to bring the competences to a higher level.

Next steps

The positive outcome of the medical math project was the start of the development of content for other crucial themes. Caroline Luijbregts: “We stimulate our staff to learn at the exact moment they are motivated and have the need to learn. That’s important to me because that is when learning is really effective.”

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