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Classical e-learning vs. Drillster: spot the difference!

Oftentimes the Drillster learning methodology is confused with more traditional classical e-learning. The most common mix up is the ‘Drillster is just classical e-learning’ mix up. It's not strange at all that people find it difficult to point out differences, because both are Ed-Tech solutions. Both are available on computer, tablet or mobile phone. But often a classical e-learning is a substitute for an old fashioned paper book, syllabus or test.

The Drillster way of learning is genuinely different. It's a whole new way of learning. Check all the differences in the overview below:  

A classical E-learning course

The Drillster methodology

  • One size fits all.
  • A personalized learning path that adjusts to your speed and knowledge level.
  • Shows that you have completed the  classical e-learning, but does not prove that you have really learned anything. It does not report on your proficiency, knowledge and skill levels.
  • Provides real time insight into your current and future proficiency levels
  • Classical e-learning plus a test provides a snapshot on the proficiency level at the moment of testing.
  • Drillster is adaptive and helps you build up knowledge and skills, helps you retain and reinforce, and prevents you from forgetting. This way you really anchor knowledge and skills. You are proficient and fit for your job year-round.
  • Classical e-learning course provides you with a temporary peak in knowledge and proficiency.
  • Drillster makes sure you reinforce and retain knowledge and skills.
  • Classical e-learning is often a technological substitute. It replaces a paper book or test. It is been proven to be a ineffective learning method.
  • The Drillster app calculates your personal need. It presents you with the questions and cases on the topics you still need to improve and master. This way you learn what you really need to learn. It is proven to be more effective and efficient.
  • Watching, listening, reading and re-reading; your brain fools you. You have the idea that you master a subject, while the truth is that you only recognize.
  • Assessment based and adaptive learning: your brain is being challenged to retrieve knowledge, you achieve a greater learning effect and your brain anchors knowledge better.
  • Takes a long time to complete and deliver.
  • You can create a Drill easily and relatively quickly. The backend works intuitively and is easy to adjust in real-time. This saves you time and money.
  • Low learning engagement, is often clicked through very quickly in order to score a "check in the box".
  • High learner engagement because of the gaming elements, high learner applicability and the ability to add news and topicalities to your Drills.
  • Implementation and changes often are very high in costs and take a long time to complete, which makes them even more expensive.
  • Easy to implement and enroll. Easy to change and adjust to moving content. Lower cost and faster delivery.

As you can see for yourself there are a lot of differences between classical e-learning  and the Drillster way of learning. While most of the time classical e-learning is a substitute, a more modern carrier of information, the Drillster way of learning is a whole new way of building up, retaining and reinforcing knowledge and skills. It is assessment based, adaptive and even predictive. The Drillster method has a scientific background. We looked for ways to learn more effectively and also far more efficiently. So you only have to learn and practice those things you personally still find difficult. The Drillster app helps your brain to learn the most effectively and easily.

Studying educational and neuroscience resulted in our Drillster learning methodology. The University of Utrecht did research on Drillster and concluded that when you learn with Drillster you learn 40% more efficiently and 10% more effectively. The app calculates when you tend to forget knowledge and skills and notifies you in time so you can brush up. This way you are always fit for your job, proficient and competent.

Using Drillster gives you ease, confidence and time that you can spend on things that really matter to you.


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