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SOOMO Learning integrates the Drillster adaptive learning app


SOOMO Learning, a US-based company focused on course design for online learners, has added integration with the Drillster app to the Learning Environment. Drillster providers an adaptive learning and knowledge retention platform. Customers of the SOOMO learning platform can include the Drillster smart learning app in the webtexts that are hosted by the SOOMO learning environment.

The integration that SOOMO Learning has realized with Drillster allows users to access their drills (adaptive learning exercises) within the SOOMO platform, without requiring students to sign in again or navigate to a new page.

Marco van Sterkenburg, CEO and co-founder of Drillster, comments: “Drillster provides a way to anchor and retain the knowledge that is transmitted via the online textbooks in the SOOMO learning environment. Drillster uses assessment based learning techniques to develop, anchor and retain any type of knowledge.” Unique is the capacity to calculate how and when knowledge declines if not maintained. Students can keep their knowledge top-of-mind in a personalized and easy way.

David Lindrum, Founder and course designer at SOOMO Learning, adds: “Drillster brings best in-class adaptive flashcards right into the webtext.”

The first joint customer, an American online university, is already using the Drillster app embedded in SOOMO webtexts. Students benefit from a interactive learning experience that results in easier study and better retention.

For more information on SOOMO Learning: www.soomolearning.com,
David Lindrum, david.lindrum@soomolearning.com, tel. +1 888-834-7223.

For more information on Drillster:  www.drillster.com,
Marco van Sterkenburg (marco@drillster.com, tel. +31 88 375 05 00O

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