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New: the Drillster AFAS connector

Drillster has developed an AFAS connector. This plug-in enables AFAS enterprise software users to automate the user management of the Drillster learning application. Employees that are registered in AFAS can automatically be registered in the Drillster application and can be enrolled to the relevant learning programs. Proficiency of users is reported back to AFAS, allowing managers to have a single reporting source. 

Drillster makes learning easier. The AFAS connector makes user management also easier. No need to manually administer new users. The AFAS connector will automatically synchronize all personnel mutations. The use of Drillster for your learning programs will thus be easier to manage while having all management reporting centrally available in AFAS.

For more information on the Drillster AFAS connector, please contact Drillster at info@drillster.com or call us at +31 88 375 05 00.


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