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Drillster data centers 100% green!

From now on you can drill one hundred percent green! Since our migration to a
sustainable European Google Cloud Platform data center, our data
infrastructure now is driven by 100% renewable energy.

Each day the Drillster application processes hundreds of thousands of questions
from our users. All of this data is processed and stored in data centers in Europe
and America. Data centers are effectively large warehouse for information, with lots of computer servers processing that information. All of this processing consumes energy and generates heat. The heat needs to be carried away from the data center by way of cooling, consuming yet more energy.

As a company we obviously value fast, secure and reliable data processing. At the same time we also care about the environment and want to preserve it for the future the best possible way. We don’t want to waste energy! Therefore we are glad to announce that you can drill green from now on. In Google Cloud Platform we have found a partner who takes care of our data in an energy neutral way. This way we can offer our customers optimal
service and data care and contribute to a better environment all at once!

Want to know more about the energy policy of Google Cloud Platform? Check this
link:​ https://cloud.google.com/environment/.


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