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To learn more about the people behind the Drillster app we proudly present our colleagues to you. Last time you have gotten to know Noud, our support hero, a little bit better. This time Corina van der Heijden shines in the spotlight!

Who is Corina?

Besides my job as learning & development specialist at Drillster, I’m a proud mom of two little boys. I live in the city of Utrecht together with my husband Pieter. A fun and busy life. I value a good work life balance! Work hard but also play hard!

What’s your job at Drillster?

In my job as a learning & Development specialist I assist and advise customers and potential customers in how to use Drillster the best possible way to fulfill their learning needs and meet their requirements. Those requirements can vary from simple to very complex learning issues.

What are you currently working on?

At this moment I’m working on a client case where I advise and assist a large international bank, with Dutch roots, to use all the features of our Drillster app in the most effective and smart way. They have been using Drillster for some time now and it is quite interesting to see that our latest functionality, ‘ The Story’, really adds quality and substance to their new and also existing Drills. Most important is that the end-user, the learner, really starts to gain and maintain knowledge in a whole new manner.

Where do you see Drillster within 5 years from now?

As the standard for adaptive micro learning. And are clients are able to apply 'course path adaptivity' through the Drillster app.

What’s your favorite Drill and which Drill would you like to see in the Drills Store?

I would never expected to say this but I like the finance Drill that I recently created about commercial real estate a lot. It’s a nice example of how relatively dry teaching material can be made very attractive. Our customer did a great job using all Drillster features the best way to create fresh and exciting Drills on this toppic!

Well done!

A Drill that I would like to see in our Drill Store in the near future is a Driver’s Ed Drill. This stuff should be top of mind always when driving! So it’s the ultimate material that should be not only learned but also retained and reinforced!

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