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How can we get rid of the check-box mentality?

It’s ten years ago that Lehman Brothers failed and everything went down from there. Since then, many things changed. Compliance became an often used word. Many things changed, except the way in which compliance training is run. A yearly test, classroom training or e-learning module and the box is checked. But why do these training not change the behavior of staff? Why are there still money laundering scandals? How can we get rid of the check-box mentality?

Governments and sector authorities tried to get grip on the financial sectors by introducing new rules and regulations. Regular audits have to make sure that staff is compliant with these regulations. But how do you prove this? A two-yearly exam or completing each year the same e-learning module is an often used training method. The box is checked, but money laundering or integrity scandals are still happening everywhere.

Changing the behavior and the attitude of staff cannot be accomplished by a yearly exam or a two-hour classroom training. It’s a mind shift. How can a change of attitude and a different way of working be realized? Well, make compliance relevant, relate compliance to the daily tasks of your staff, add context and news value.

Storytelling also helps to show people that compliance is not a yearly, boring hurdle. Use recent events in the sector to make people aware of the need to continuously improve performance.  

Storytelling, relevance, context, news value. Some of the reasons why Drillster recently launched the Story functionality. Engaged learners, performing employees, happy authorities and customers. Let’s not repeat the event that started the crisis in 2008. At the Zuidas, the business district in Amsterdam, a ‘monument for the fallen banks’ reminds us of the Lehman Brothers affair. Let’s learn from the past, let’s continue to learn, let's implement continuous learning...



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