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Speakap and Drillster: communicate and learn via one integrated app

The Drillster app is now available in Speakap, the platform for employee communication and engagement. Besides communicating with frontline employees, Speakap customers can propose interactive learning modules to their staff. Information about new products, sales campaigns or strategy can be reinforced by an adaptive learning module, powered by Drillster.  

Both Speakap and Drillster originate from The Netherlands and a joint customer was at the origin of the integration of Drillster in Speakap. The combination is strong: when employees read important news about new products, strategy or procedures, this doesn’t mean that they immediately understand the information, or that they can apply it in their daily jobs.  

The Drillster app ensures that important information on products, regulations, procedures or sales campaigns are reinforced via a drill, an adaptive micro-learning module that develops, anchors ánd retains knowledge and skills.

An example:

This week, two new sales employees started working in the store of a large retail chain. Employee number 1 has no retail experience at all, while employee number 2 has 2 years of working experience in a similar store. Both employees use the Drillster app to develop their knowledge about sports articles and commercial competencies. After two weeks, both employees are fully proficient and operate independently in the store.

Two weeks later, employee number 1 gets a notification from the Drillster app: it is time to brush up on the knowledge. The Drillster app calculates how and when knowledge declines if not maintained. Employee 1 did not have any relevant retail experience, so his knowledge declines faster. This explains why the Drillster app sends employee 1 a reminder much sooner than employee 2. Employee number 2 was notified to brush up on his knowledge after 4 weeks. The Drillster app measured that employee 2 had a slower forgetting curve as a result of the relevant work experience. 

Employee 2 may have experience in the sports retail business, the articles that his new employer sells, are new to him. This explains why employee 2 gets more questions about sports articles and fewer questions about sales skills. Employee number 1 is new to the retail business, so he gets questions on both sales skills and product knowledge. The Drillster app personalizes the learning material offered to each employee. This is more effective and efficient. 

The combination of Speakap and Drillster provide information and training in one integrated app. Well informed and trained employees have a positive impact on sales results and customer satisfaction.


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