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Is your staff ready for the 2019 changes?

A new year approaches. The 1st of January is a typical date for the launch of new laws, regulations, procedures or strategies. How do you make sure that your staff understands, memorizes and correctly applies these changes? Just reading an email or watching a video message is not enough. Let us help you. The Drillster app offers the unique combination to develop, anchor and retain change.

Simply reading or watching information is a passive way of learning. When you inform your staff about a new procedure, regulation or product, you need to make sure that the information sticks. How can you do that? Use the Drillster application. Our app combines neuroscience, data and new technology in an easy-to-use app.

After having presented the context or relevance of the change, the Drillster app starts pushing questions. A user has to make an effort to come up with the correct answer and it’s this effort that makes the learning effect stronger and more durable. Remedial feedback is presented after an answer has been submitted and (similar) questions are repeated in a smart way, till it’s demonstrable that each member of staff understands and memorizes the change in the desired way.

But how to make sure that the employee also applies the change in the right way when performing the job in 2019. Based on the learning data of an individual employee, the Drillster app calculates how and when knowledge declines if not maintained. The employee gets a notification, just before important knowledge tends to decline. Knowledge remains top-of-mind, year-round, and can be applied in the workflow at any given time in the future.

Is the 1st-of-January-2019-change part of an existing regulation, procedure or strategy? If you modify the content of an existing theme in Drillster, the application will calculate for each course participant what the impact of the change is on the proficiency. Not only the change is being anchored, also the unchanged elements are refreshed. Would you like to increase the performance of your organization in 2019? We’d love to help you. Let’s talk.  



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