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What is a story and what should I use the story for?

A story is a playable that allows you to present information to the user. A story can contain text, images, video, sound and can be placed before, between or after your drills when used in a course.

A story can contain one page or several pages. When used in a course, the story can be combined with drills. 
We recommend using the story for adding an introduction, context, relevance, news value or engagement to your course. The actual learning should always take place in your drill.  
We believe that the story should not be used to transmit basic information. Please avoid that users have to click through many pages of information. Reading information or watching a video is a passive way of learning. What has the learner actually learned? Will he or she be able to reproduce what has been presented? And will the learned material still be mastered in three, six or nine months time? 

When you put the need-to-know learning material in the drill, the learner will have full control over the elements that are mastered or not yet mastered. Smart repetition ensures that the learning material is anchored in an efficient way. Drillster calculates how and when knowledge declines and will notify the user just before important knowledge tends to decline. 
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