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Creating and editing a story

A story can be created under the My content section. If the My Story section is not displayed in the My Content of your account, then you do not yet have the permission to create stories. The Story is offered at a premium rate. Please contact support@drillster.com for more information. 

Creating the story, start writing.

The first content that you enter, will be displayed on the first page of the story.

First, enter a title for your first chunk of information. Choose the header one option to format the title as a header.

You can now enter text. Or, if you click on the icons right in the menu you can add an image, video, pdf, sound or sample or convert text-to-speech.

We recommend using one line in the story editor per Alinea. Drillster will automatically put space between each Alinea. To go to the next alinea, press enter. 

When you’re finished with your first page, add a new page.


By adding a new page you start a new page in the story. You continue to enter content to the second page. Add a title first and format the title as header one. Keep in mind that the header 1 and 2 will be shown in the index when the user starts the story.

Use the headers in such a way that the index is structured for the user. When your story is combined with drills in a course, the user will see the index on the first page of the course.

If you want to see how the story will look like for the student you can use the preview option. You can use it per page or for the whole story. 

Be aware to always release your story before you add it to a course or to a group. Content changes also have to be released before they are visible to the participants.

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