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Drill settings

Drill settings:

You can adjust the settings of a drill in different ways. Per column or for the complete drill.

Per column For the complete drill

The settings per column affect the questions/answers in the column.

Read aloud function (Text-to-speech)

If you enable this option, the participant can have the content of the drill converted into speech in the player for drill and story content. This functionality complements the current server-side text-to-speech functionality already being offered.

After enabling this option, you can select the language you want. TTS_editor_2.png

The learner will get the option to click on the "ear" button, as shown in the image below. TTS_player.png

When doing that, they will get a sound clip of that question/answer. They can even choose whether it needs to be a female or male voice and which accent they would like. In addition, the participant can also adjust the speed of pronunciation.

Attention! You can only get this feature if you have the proper permission. Don't have this permission? Please contact support@drillster.com.

If you want to listen to the different voices that are available, click here.

The first thing you can do is set which arbiter should be used for the open questions. Do you want to learn more about arbiters? Then click here
Question style
You can also set here what kind of question you want to ask: open questions, multiple-choice questions, or questions the user sets themselves. For example, think of vocabulary lists that a participant has to learn.
Answer style
You can also set the answer style which, by default, is set to. If you only want to have questions for which there are multiple correct answers, you can change this setting too.
On the left side of the screen is a tag label, this opens a screen to add tags per question. You can do this for your own administration to mark the knowledge element learning element in the drill. But this can also be used later on to create keys based on tags.
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