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A group is a selection of users who follow an exercise, course, training or education together.

Bringing individual users together in a group makes it easy to distribute drills or tests within the group, to set learning objectives, and to monitor the group's progress.

Users can participate in multiple groups at the same time. The same drill, story or course can be placed in multiple groups.



Here you will find an overview of the measured activity within a group. The time span of the measured activity within the group can be adjusted in the view by choosing one of the three options:


Here is all content that is in the group and to which all members in this group have access. This content can consist of drills, stories, and courses. To add new content to the group, click on the '+' sign and fill in the name of the drill.

Please note that the content you want to add must already be in 'My content' and must be released.


To remove content from the group, go to the options menu next to 'view results' and select 'Disconnect'.

Here all tests  that are in this group of members are displayed. To add a new test to the group, click on the '+' sign. Then this screen appears:


First, a test must be selected by filling in the name of the test. Note that this test must be available in 'My content'.

Then, a review date can be determined. This is the latest date on which a member must have completed the test. It can be chosen to make this known by means of an announcement to the members. It is also possible to set a reminder a few days before the closing date of the test is reached. The setting of a review date is not a necessity. When this option is left empty there will be no deadline set and no notifications will be sent.

The announcements and reminders can be sent by email or push notification in the app (or both). This must be indicated under 'Send messages by'. Both options are checked by default.

In the default setting, members can take the test as often as they want. At 'tests per user' you can fill in the number of test attempts for all members.

It is possible to adjust the number of attempts at a later time for all members of the test, as well as for an individual in the group. If the number of test attempts for the group needs to be adjusted, you go to the tab 'tests', select the relevant test and click 'view results':

Groups_tests_attempts.png You can also adjust the number of attempts at the test level or individual level:


To remove a test from the group, go to the options menu next to 'view results' and select 'Disconnect'.

Learning objectives

Here we find the learning objectives set by the administrator that relate to the group. A learning objective can be added to the group by clicking on the '+' sign:


For more information about setting these learning objectives, look here.
Under 'details' you will find the settings related to the group itself. Here you can change the name, description and icon of the group. You can also set whether new members of the group receive a welcome email or get a message when new content is added to the group. You can also see when content is removed:


When the 'Membership' email option is checked, new members of the group will receive a welcome email stating that they have now become a member of the group and that the content is now accessible to them.

When the 'New content' option is checked, the members will receive a notification every time new content is added to the group or to a course in the group.

When the 'Deleted Content' option is checked, members will receive a notification each time content is removed from the group or from a course in the group.

A combination of these options is possible and it is also possible to adjust these options at a later time.
Adding members is done here by clicking on the '+' sign:


It is possible to add members per individual or in 'bulk' to a group. The same applies for removing them. Here you can read how.
Here you can find the administrator(s) of that group. This is also where you can add new administrators and remove them (if you have this permission). Adding an administrator is done by clicking on the '+' sign. This screen then appears:

Fill in the name of the person you want to add and then assign 'access' or 'admin' permissions. Someone with view rights can see all the details within the group but cannot change anything else. An individual with managet rights can also make changes.
Other options
This menu contains the other options related to the group:


Group reports  Acces codes Test results
Request group reports
Here you’ll find the reports that can be requested for all members within the group. For example, reports that show the level of control of the members, time spent per drill and per member, but also the test results. Here you will find a complete overview of the different types of reports and what information they provide
It is possible to generate a scorm package. Click on the options menu next to 'view results' and select 'generate scorm package' and 'download'. It may take a while before the download starts.

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