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As an administrator, you can 'manage' admins by adding or disconnecting with the permission from your organization. Below you can see how you do. 

Create administrators
Administrators can be created if you are in possession of the feature 'Manage'. You can then make everyone administrator of the organization. This does not mean that this administrator will directly see all groups and content, so to do this, the administrator must be granted rights to the groups and content.Administrators___Drillster.gif 
Disconnecting Managers 
An administrator can disconnect you from the organization through the following button. This is only possible if the administrator no longer has rights to groups. Ensure this is done before disconnecting the administrator. The group manager can remove the administrator for each group if necessary.Administrators-_-Drillster__2_.png

If you have created an administrator, you can give them different permissions.
You can do this by clicking on the admin and specifying which permissions the administrator may receive.Administrators___Drillster__1_.gif

Below are the different permissions named and explained. 

Please note!

You can only pass on permissions that you have received yourself. The permissions you give to the administrator can also pass on to other administrators. 

    1. Convert text to speech: This allows the employee to easily convert text to spoken text so that for example drills for listening content can also be created. A computer-controlled technology is used to convert text to speech. There are 9 languages supported and a female or male voice can be chosen per language.
    2. Group admin: This gives a user rights to groups and to modify or delete groups.
    3. Bulk invite group members: This gives the administrator the ability to create new accounts in larger numbers within a group.
    4. Create new accounts: This allows the administrator to create new accounts within a group.
    5. Create SCORM packages: This enables an administrator with management rights to create a SCORM package from the content within that group.
    6. Export drill content: This allows the author of a drill to export the drill to Excel. The download is in a CSV upload format.
    7. Insert hot spot image in drills: This allows the administrator to add hotspot images to the questions.
    8. Adding MathML formulas in drills: This allows the administrator to add MathML code to the questions.
    9. Insert PDF documents in drills: This allows the administrator to add PDFs to the content.
    10. Insert answer time limits in drills: This allows the administrator to set time limits per question in a drill. 
    11. Manage and use drill entry tags: This allows the administrator to add question-level tags. It allows you to compose tests later.
    12. Manage stories: This allows the administrator to develop and customize stories.
    13. Manage courses: This gives the administrator the ability to develop and customize courses.
    14. Upload own drill covers: This gives the administrator the ability to place covers on content. 
    15. Insert Video in drills: This allows the administrator to put videos in the content.
    16. Publish to catalog: This allows the administrator to put a drill/story/course in a catalog.
    17. Enable client-side text-to-speech in drills: This allows the administrator to add Read aloud function (text-to-speech) in the content. 
    18. User access: This gives a user access to their account. If access to an account has to be (temporarily) stopped, without specifying the account, this can be done by unchecking the "user access" checkbox.
    19. Take individual tests: This allows individual tests to be created and taken.
    20. Define and edit anonymous tests: This gives the administrator the possibility to create, define and customize an anonymous test define and customize. 
    21. Issue anonymous test PINs:
    22. Issue anonymous test tickets:
    23. See all defined anonymous tests: An administrator, you will have the possibility to remove all anonymous tests of the entire organization. 
    24. See anonymous test results: 
    25. Access public drills: This allows the administrator to give access to the Drill Store.
    26. Manage service accounts: This gives the administrator the ability to create and disconnect service accounts.
    27. Manage administrators: This permission allows a user to create new administrators and to change or remove permission or current administrators.
    28. Manage groups administrators: This gives the administrator the ability to make other administrators "groups administrator
    29. View organization usage data: Administrators with this permission can download the monthly organization usage report which is used for billing.

      Note that users who have been removed in the meantime, are listed as [deleted user] in old reports due to the GDPR rules. For this permission, please contact Drillster directly. Users with this permission must inform us as soon as they change position or leave the organisation.  

Do you have a question about one of the permissions that is not in the list? Then please contact us at support@drillster.com or via 088 3750500. 

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