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Learning objective notifications

There is a difference in the notifications for a on-off learning objective and a permanent learning objective. Do you want to learn the difference between these two learning objectives? Then click here.

Below the difference in notifying for a one-off learning objective and for a permanent learning goal is explained. 

One-off learning objective

Example: on 1 June, a learning goal is set to achieve 100% on a set of drills. For this, the participant has 10 weeks for it. After achieving the 100% score they may drop to 80%. If the participant goes to work immediately and has the drills at 100% within a few days, then the participant does not receive notification in the initial period. This participant only receives a message at the moment that they drop below 80% before the review date.

Another participant does nothing in the first 9 weeks. This participant gets a message to come back after the first week of Drillster and continue to learn. This repeats itself until the participant is at the desired level. The notification stop at the review date.

Permanent learning objective
With a permanent learning objective, it is equal to the situation of the one-off learning goal. This will only continue after the review date. After that date, you maintain the desired level. So if you drop below 80%, you get a notification to come back.learning-objective_201123.png
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